Four Things to Do at Baylor University Before


If you go to Baylor University in Waco, Tx then you already know the rundown. If you are an incoming freshman or just considering attending Baylor then the already well known facts that Baylor is the oldest college in Texas and the largest Baptist university in the world will be drilled into your head. I graduate in May 2009 and experienced a lot in my years at Baylor and now pass this wisdom on. Here are four things to make sure you do before graduating Baylor University.

Visit every building and make friends with at least one person there. I really hate seeing people only ever hang out in the building where they have all their major classes, or only ever hang out at their frat house. You will come to cherish old memories come graduation time and have at least one cool story about all the buildings on campus.

firmly believe that everyone should work an on campus job for at least one semester. Working in the library or the Student Life Center gives you plenty of exposure to just about every student. When you go to parties people instantly recognize you and meeting people becomes so much easier. Working on campus can also boost your resume to potential employers. Helping your university function shows quite a bit more of tendency to loyalty to potential employers, especially if plan on working with the university after graduating.

Throw at least one party before you leave to get it out of your system. Everyone always plans to throw an epic party once they turn 21 thinking that they shall attain instant popularity. Once you throw a party you can finally realize paying for a hundred kids to get drunk and cleaning up after them will not make you much more popular. Chances are nobody will remember you threw a great shindig except your roommates. However, if you regularly attend parties then it is your duty to experience the pain that is throwing a college party.

Crash the guarding of the Eternal Flame. Chances are Baylor will stop this age old tradition due the numerous fights and calls to the police and fire department. So make sure you take part in this while you still have a chance to either prevent the upperclassmen from stealing the flame or guarding the flame with the freshman class. Just make sure to bring a large bat to defend yourself. See more info of coursework online service in Prescott Papers visit this website.